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Concrete Resurfacing Systems Inc.
Concrete Resurfacing Systems offers Industrial epoxy flooring MA., Polished concrete, Epoxy floor coating systems, concrete acid staining, Surface prep,concrete coating contractors since 1994 with 3 locations.

Concrete Resurfacing Systems Inc.
Massachusetts concrete coatings epoxy flooring company. Metallic epoxy floors, Industrial epoxy, acrylics and 2 part urethane top coat products for colored, stained, diamond grinded,sealed concrete.

Concrete Resurfacing Systems Inc.
Massachusetts epoxy flooring contractor. 100% Solids Industrial Epoxy/Urethane systems for all types of Industrial,commercial floors. Seamless, high impact - high traffic surfaces. safety striping, custom colors and finishes. Custom logos and other floor markings may be bonded into this seamless epoxy application.
http://www. concrete-inc.com

Concrete Resurfacing Systems Inc.
Massachusetts Epoxy floor contractor. Concrete repairs, Floor and concrete surface restoration. Decorative concrete overlay textures available. We can repair and blend or cover over defects, cracks and after other previous repairs. Custom engineered epoxy, urethane and acrylic concrete fillers and coatings.

Concrete Resurfacing Systems
New England's concrete resurfacing systems inc. Industrial epoxy concrete floor contractor. High impact epoxy surfaces for high traffic areas, manufacturing and factory epoxy flooring. Polished concrete floors Safety colors, custom colors and various levels Garage floor epoxy coatings. Quartz flooring and more!

Concret Resurfacing Systems Inc.
Massachusetts Industrial Epoxy flooring contractor. Factory trained to apply many state of the art flooring systems. stained concrete, polished concrete floors and other solid surface coatings and textures. Serving the Eastern Massachusetts areas.

International Concrete Repair Institute, Inc
concrete repair and restoration association.

Emecole, Inc
manufactures epoxy and polyurethane adhesives for concrete crack repair.

Advanced Installations Contracting
epoxy concrete flooring systems for industrial, commercial food service and residential applications.

TechFab, LLC.
manufactures structural grids for use with adhesive binder systems for epoxy thermoset resins for cement and concrete reinforcement.


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