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300,000 sqft FIRST TIME Epoxy Installer - February Installer Of Month

300,000 sqft FIRST TIME Epoxy Installer - February Installer Of Month

Upstate Epoxy - Lucas

Lucas is another under-30 contractor based out of Upstate New York that broke 6 figures in his first year since first taking our training in November of 2021. We got to learn from his awesome mindset today, and some of the simple things he did to generate business without breaking the bank. 

1. How long has it been since you came to the training and started your company? 

I started in November of 2021 when I came to your training. I built houses for like, six years, and then I branched off doing commercial floors with a company. Once I saw epoxy flooring being done, I got interested in it, googled some courses, and flew out to take your  South Florida class.

2. Did you have any major roadblocks, and if so, what did you do to overcome them?

As far as roadblocks go, not necessarily too many. Starting out, the only thing that can really stop you is the nerves, the pressure of taking on your own business. Investing everything you’ve got into starting a business and going full speed ahead at it is daunting. I’m still pretty new so I guess the main roadblock I’ve faced has been when I mess up a floor and then I have to redo them. That’ll take some change out of your pocket, but it’s been great learning… and that’s the only way you will learn.

3. Do you have any tips for those starting out in the industry?

For someone that’s just starting, I would say don’t just do it because you think it looks cool. Give it a moment, go out, take the class, and practice some floors. And then once you know you want to do this, put everything you got into it. It’s not something you can just “try out” and half-ass. It’s a real business, there’s a lot of money you can make from it, and you’ll want to be serious. Make sure to take a certification course, especially the one you guys offer because that set me up so well. It’s a thorough course. You can always keep learning, too. It doesn’t hurt to keep learning and keep fresh ideas in your head. I recently took a flight to Miami to learn a new technique for metallics and introduce it out here in Upstate New York.

4. What was a pivotal moment in your career if any?

My big break came about because I did a LOT of calls. I spent multiple days googling and calling companies and contractors, trying to network. We recently built a house and I connected with our contractor, I ended up doing a 4,500-square-foot building for him which was the biggest job I had done at the time. Once I got in with him, he hooked me up with a leather mill that had about 300,000 square feet in it. Luckily I got in with those guys because those jobs from them totally changed the game for me. But they didn't just come to me, the first two weeks I got back from the class, I was driving out and knocking on doors, meeting local realtors and flooring contractors, saying hello, and giving them a business card, and samples. I was just exposing my business and myself. Even if you stop at 20 places, all it takes is that one person to get things going for you. Once their network sees it, it can really skyrocket for you. Don’t be afraid to network and put yourself out there.

5. What is your favorite type of floor to install, and why?

 If you asked me four or five months ago, it would’ve been a vinyl flake floor because they’re super quick and easy. But the reality is, I was too afraid to install metallic floors. Once you learn the technique, it's incredibly fun, and you can create real works of art. So that’s definitely my favorite now.