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Posted 09/30/2019 in Why Use Epoxy

4 Reasons to Coat an Airplane Hangar Floor With Epoxy

4 Reasons to Coat an Airplane Hangar Floor With Epoxy

The floor of an airplane hangar takes a beating. In addition to heavy airplanes rolling through, there are heavy tools, spilled oil and other chemicals, and a lot of foot traffic. A hangar needs a floor that can handle all of this AND be safe/non-slip while still looking decent at the end of the day. This makes epoxy an ideal choice for coating an airplane hangar’s floor.

Here are 4 reasons to coat an airplane hangar floor with epoxy.


1. Longevity

An airplane hangar is a busy place, and you do not want to have to empty it out every few years for a new floor coating. This costs you precious time and money. By using epoxy flooring, you can enjoy a long-lasting floor that is going to be looking great over 20 years from now.


2. Durability

Epoxy chemically bonds with the flooring substrate it is put on. This means it is not going to flake off over time. Epoxy also cures super hard, so it does not get damaged if a tool is dropped on it. If oil or fuel is spilled, the epoxy does not absorb it. Instead, it can easily be wiped up, leaving your flooring surface unstained and still looking great.


3. Easy Maintenance

Epoxy is very easy to maintain. It only requires sweeping up dirt and debris, like any other floor. It also can use a good wash, although spot washing is effective too. Be sure to use a non-abrasive cleaner, such as Simple Green, to help keep the epoxy floor looking great even longer. Abrasive cleaners can dull the finish over time.


4. Color Options

There are many available color options for epoxy flooring. Many airplane hangars just need a basic floor, so using vinyl flakes in epoxy is ideal. Vinyl flakes give the floor an industrial-style finished look. If the hangar is for private jets, you can pick a floor that is more decorative and indicates a showroom feel to impress the clients. Epoxy has so many different color options, you are sure to find one that will fit your needs.

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