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Posted 08/26/2019 in Why Use Epoxy

4 Reasons to Use Epoxy in Your Garage

4 Reasons to Use Epoxy in Your Garage

Your garage is likely one of the most used areas in your home. It is the place you park your car, keep your tools, store camping gear, keep those miscellaneous items such as Christmas decorations stored, and likely where you even pursue a hobby or two.

With so much going on in your garage, you want a floor that can keep up with you and your family. An epoxy garage floor will continue to look great even after years of use, is easy to maintain, and is highly durable.

Here are 4 reasons you should use epoxy in your garage.

1. Epoxy Looks Great

Epoxy has an excellent aesthetic. Whether you go with a traditional epoxy floor with vinyl flakes or decide to make your floor look like a showroom with a faux stone look, it looks amazing. There are many colors and types of epoxy to choose from, so you can create the perfect look for your garage and your needs.

2. It Can Handle Oil Spills

One thing you know is inevitable in your garage is chemical spills, such as oil. Cars leak and accidents happen. A regular concrete floor soaks in that oil and is permanently stained. Epoxy is non-porous, so the oil will sit on top of it until you wipe it off. It will not soak in and cause a strain on your floor. This means your epoxy garage floor will stay looking great for years.

3. It Can Handle Traffic

Epoxy is highly durable and is made to handle heavy objects. You can drive your car over it with no fear that it will damage the epoxy flooring. Also, epoxy can handle having tools dropped on it and other heavy items dropped without causing any cracks or divots in the flooring. Epoxy is made to stand up to whatever you throw at it.

4. Epoxy Protects Your Concrete

Concrete can crack as it ages. It also can get divots in it from having heavy items dropped on it. Epoxy will protect the concrete of your garage floor from these issues, keeping your garage floor looking good as new. Also, if your garage floor already has cracks or divots, they can be filled in with an epoxy filler. You can then coat the floor with epoxy, and no one will ever know there were cracks or divots in the floor.

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