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Posted 01/23/2020 in Epoxy Design Ideas

4 Ways Epoxy Can Be Used in Architecture and Design

4 Ways Epoxy Can Be Used in Architecture and Design

Due to the versatility and flexibility, it has to offer, epoxy resin has been used for various architectural and décor-based fixtures. This change comes aligned with the wants and needs of the modern homeowner who wants things of beauty in the home—that’s also reasonably priced.

Moreover, considering the heavy cost of natural materials like wood, marble or granite, epoxy resin is an extremely cost-effective alternative. The flexibility of this material means that it can mimic natural materials and have unique textures to show too.

If you are interested, the following are some ways that you can use epoxy resin in Florida to create a beautiful new look:

1. For Outdoor Coating

Epoxy resin is popularly used outdoors in areas such as the garage, the driveway or the swimming pool. The protective coating that the resin offers ensures that the rough areas are properly smoothened. It also ensures that the concrete does not get damaged because of exposure to the elements.

Moreover, the resin can also provide enough grips to make the driveway even more secure for any vehicles on it. Near the swimming pool, it prevents water from collecting or absorbing into the surroundings and mitigates the risk of mishaps.

2. As Decorative Flooring

Home flooring options have really been improved with the help of epoxy flooring. This is a very versatile material and it makes for amazing floors. It has a high shine and is available in various colors and designs.

The best part is that epoxy resin in Florida can be customized to match the color scheme. Not only that, but many contractors can add flecks or paint into the resin to help it mimic other materials such as marble or granite.

3. Provides Amazing Countertops

Apart from the flooring, epoxy resin is also proving useful for making countertops in homes. Usually, this is the area where homeowners spend the most money picking the right slab of granite or marble.

However, epoxy resin countertops are not only cost-effective – they are also easy to clean and maintain. The non-porous surface that epoxy resin countertops have also means that there is no issue of contamination with foods. Cleaning it is both simple and easy.

4. For Protective Coatings

Epoxy resin in Florida can also be used to add a protective coating on various home appliances. Steel, cast aluminum, and even cast iron appliances react better to epoxy resin coats. The best part is that epoxy resin outperforms other alternatives, including natural or organic solvents.

These have been found to be flammable and increase the risk of exposure and danger in the home. However, epoxy resin stands out of the crowd for being non-reactive and being capable of creating a good adhesive seal that doesn’t get affected by heat, water, or pressure.

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