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Posted 08/21/2019 in Epoxy Design Ideas

5 Cool Epoxy Floor Designs for Music Lovers

5 Cool Epoxy Floor Designs for Music Lovers

One of the great things about designing your own space is that it can reflect the interests you have in life. While you may have always thought your flooring could not show your love of music, with epoxy, it can. You can use epoxy to create a floor that reflects that you as a music lover. This would be great whether you are redoing the floor in your living room or the floor in your home studio. 

Here are 5 cool epoxy floor designs for you to use as a music lover. 

Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are a cool way to add to your decor. You could collect vinyl records from your favorite artists and embed them on your floor. Then, anytime you walk into the room you will get to enjoy the look of vinyl and be reminded of your favorite songs. This is also a great way to use older, scratched records. 

Record Covers

You could also get record covers to decorate the floor with. Visualize iconic covers such as Michael Jackson’s Thriller or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon on your floor. You could even checkerboard the record covers with the actual records for a really fun look.

Sheet Music

Imagine looking down at your floor and seeing the sheet music for all your favorite songs. The beautiful notes, bars, and maybe even some guitar tabs, will accentuate your other musical decor. You could even do a theme, such as songs that are all in the same key, and see if your other musically inclined friends notice.

Rock ‘n Roll Magazines

As a music lover, you probably get copies of The Rolling Stone or Guitar Player magazine. You could cut out your favorite covers or interviews and embed them on your floor using epoxy. With this, you will literally get to surround yourself every day with the artists you love and admire. 

Ticket Stubs

Have you saved the ticket stubs from every concert you have ever been to? While you may not have enough to do an entire floor, this would be a fun item to include in any of the other floors mentioned. You could match up the ticket stub with items that go with the artist you saw perform, such as their vinyl record or picture from a magazine. 

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