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Posted 08/18/2019 in Epoxy Design Ideas

5 Epoxy Bathroom Floor Ideas

5 Epoxy Bathroom Floor Ideas

If there is one thing you know about a bathroom floor, it is that it must be able to stand up to water. Bathrooms deal with splashes from bathtubs, as well as occasional leaks and other water issues. If you want to create an attractive bathroom floor that will be able to handle water, you need to look into getting an epoxy floor. Epoxy is water-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about it being ruined from a leak or kids who like to splash in the bath. It also is attractive looking and durable. 

Here are five ideas for you using epoxy on your bathroom floor. 


1. Water Look

You could use blue epoxy and blue metallic additives to create a gorgeous water look. Depending on how you apply the epoxy, you could even make it look like little ocean waves are happening right on your bathroom floor. This look is stunning, and it really adds to the decor of your bathroom.


2. Faux Stone

A marble or granite look is perfect for classic decor. You can choose just about color, or combination of colors, that you want in order to create a floor that looks like real marble or granite. 


3. Ocean Floor

You can create an amazing ocean floor look in your bathroom. Large printed pictures for this purpose are available. You print them to the size of your bathroom floor and seal them with epoxy. If you have a beach theme going on, this is a great choice for you. This also would be super fun in a kid's bathroom or a beach rental.


4. 3D Illusions

3D illusions have become popular in bathrooms. Some of these floors look like spiral staircases, others are meant to make you feel like you are falling into an unending hole. Of course, there are more pleasant ones such as swimming fish. This is a great choice if you really want to have fun with your bathroom floor.


5. Faux Tile

If you love the look of tile but prefer the durability of epoxy, you can create a faux tile look. This does take some careful planning and taping, but it will save you from dirty grout or cracked tile in the future. 

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