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Before You Hire a Flooring Contractor

Before You Hire a Flooring Contractor

Epoxy is one of the most popular flooring choices out there because it is so long lasting and offers so many attractive options. You can have anything from a quartz broadcast floor to an intense-looking 3D floor. 

Epoxy is also a great choice for coating wood floors and can be used to embed cool objects such as stones or pennies into the floor. Whether you are building a new home, refinishing an older one, or need a floor done in your business, there are some things you need to do before you call up an epoxy flooring contractor. 

Decide on Colors

Get an idea of what kind of color scheme you want to create. This does not have to be definitive yet, but be sure to have some ideas in mind so you can discuss them with your contractor when they come to give you a quote. The contractor likely has some good insights as well, but knowing colors you absolutely do or do not want to include helps to streamline the process.

Choose a Design

Decide whether you want to embed objects in your floor, want a cool 3D floor look, a faux stone look, or just a regular color. There is a ton of great examples of epoxy floors out there, so take the time to look at some designs other people have done, so you know what you like and what you do not like. 

Know Your Substrate

Different substrate types are going to have different prep work needed and possibly even different application techniques used. Be able to tell your contractor over the phone whether they are working with concrete, are going to have to tear up old linoleum or tile, or if you have a wood substrate. This helps them have an idea of what needs to be done before they ever step foot on your property.

Do Your Research

While you may want to pay someone to do your epoxy flooring, do your research, so you know what they are talking about and you have an idea about how it should be done. This helps you to be proactive as the job is being done. Also, be sure to thoroughly research contractors in your area before hiring.

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