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Posted 05/15/2019 in Epoxy Design Ideas

Epoxy Floor Design Ideas for Your Sporting Goods Store

Epoxy Floor Design Ideas for Your Sporting Goods Store

Getting your floors done well in a sporting goods store is very important. Your floor needs to be able to stand up to a lot of foot traffic. Putting down an epoxy floor inside your business will ensure you have a great-looking space for many years to come. In addition to being highly durable and long-lasting, epoxy has many design options for you to choose from.

Let’s take a look at some options for an epoxy floor in your sporting goods store.

3D Epoxy

3D epoxy uses images on top of your flooring choice that is sealed with epoxy. You can have your flooring type change through sections. For instance, you could have a floor that looks like a path through the woods in your hunting section, an ocean floor for your section with water equipment, and a floor that looks like a field in the sports section. This design choice gives you a lot of unique options, and will really make your store stand out.

Faux Stone

Using metallic epoxy, you can create a floor that looks like marbles, granite, or other stone types. There are a lot of color options available, so you can have a lot of fun picking out what colors to mix to achieve the look you want. You get the look of a natural stone floor this way without the high cost of stone.

Wood Ends

You can use wood ends to create a really unique rustic look. With this method, you use some cut-off circles from logs and place them on the floor in a small amount of epoxy. You then pour clear epoxy over them to seal them in and give the entire floor a shine. This design would be especially good if your store has a concentration of hunting gear or camping supplies.

Pebble Flooring

With pebble flooring, you mix pebbles with epoxy and then lay it down and use a trowel to even it out. This creates a really nice floor with an outdoor feel to it. You can use any color of pebble or a mixture of colors for a really unique look.

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