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Posted 09/06/2019 in Epoxy Design Ideas

Epoxy Flooring Ideas for Your Mid-Century Modern Home Decor

Epoxy Flooring Ideas for Your Mid-Century Modern Home Decor

When decorating your mid-century modern home, you likely have thought a lot about the use of tulip chairs or egg chairs, or including post and beams instead of support walls that are bulky and take away from the delicate flow of your home. One of the major concepts of mid-century modern design outside of its looks is the functionality of the home. You want your home to be highly functional, and one of the aspects of your home you want to be most functional is your floor. You want a floor that will look clean but still provide a delicate aspect to your decor, and epoxy is the way to do that. 

Here is how you can incorporate epoxy floors into your mid-century modern home decor.

Color Choices on Concrete

If you have a concrete floor in your kitchen or other area, then you can use epoxy to protect it. If you do so, you can choose to keep your concrete floor with its natural color by putting a clear epoxy coating on it. Other mid-century modern color options include neutral solid colors such as white, gray, or beige. If your concrete has damage, it may be beneficial to repair the damage and then use a solid color instead of sticking with the original concrete color in order to maintain the clean look of your floors.

Coating Natural Wood

One key decorative choice for mid-century modern homes is natural wood. A good rule of thumb is that if the wood is not already painted, you do not paint it. If you already have a narrow, hardwood plank floor, then you are ready to seal it. Otherwise, choose wood flooring that is narrow and has a nice natural look. A clear matte epoxy sealant will help ensure that your wood floor stays looking great for years.

Protecting Your Natural Stone

Natural stone is a wonderful choice for the mid-century modern look, but stone such as travertine is known for easily staining because it is porous. To protect your natural stone floor, you can apply clear epoxy on top of it. Choose a matte finish epoxy to maintain the natural look. Epoxy is non-porous, so anything you spill on it will not be absorbed, and instead can be easily cleaned, leaving your floor looking amazing.

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