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Posted 01/10/2020 in About Epoxy

Is Epoxy Floor Coating Slippery?

Is Epoxy Floor Coating Slippery?

With so many flooring options available, epoxy floor coatings are a rising star. Its long-term cost savings, attractive options, ease of maintenance, and ease of installation are all reasons many people are choosing epoxy over other flooring options. 

While epoxy has many positive aspects that are hard to beat, there are always drawbacks to everything. One drawback of epoxy is that it is slippery, especially if it is in an area where oil, water, or grease can be spilled such as a kitchen, garage, industrial building, or automotive shop. The good news is that there are many ways to mitigate this drawback, so it is not something you need to worry about. 

Here are some options for making sure your epoxy floor coating is not slippery.

Anti-Slip Additives for Epoxy

Epoxy is very versatile, mostly due to the number of additives that can be added to it. While you likely know about color additives and metallic additives, did you also know there are non-slip additives you can use? Simply mix these in, and you will have no future issues with slippery floors! This is an ideal solution for anti-slip floors, as it will save you future work.

Anti-Slip Coating

A lot of times people forget to make their floor slip-resistant before they install it. If you already have installed your epoxy and are having issues with a slippery floor, there is nothing to worry about. You can still make it slip-resistant! You can put an anti-slip coating on top. This is a simple fix, as it can just be rolled onto the floor just like you would do paint. Make sure to clean the floor thoroughly before installing the anti-slip coating. 


There are many decorative flake options to choose from. Whether you choose vinyl, quartz, metallic, or even glitter flakes, they will help make your floor noni-slip. This is one reason why vinyl and quartz flakes are so often used in automotive shops, industrial buildings, and garages. Since these areas are prone to oil and grease spills, the flakes keep the floor safe for everyone.

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