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June Installer Of The Month - Boca Raton Epoxy Floors

June Installer Of The Month - Boca Raton Epoxy Floors

Rudy LaMartina with Boca Raton Epoxy Floors is a local Floridian who came to XPS's Epoxy Training back in 2020. He has hit the ground running and utilizes the industry’s most demanding concrete products, flooring equipment, and epoxy coating systems. We are extremely impressed with Rudy’s superior finishing skills as well as his outstanding level of customer service. We had the pleasure of chatting with Rudy to learn more about what it takes to be a successful businessman in a highly competitive market.

1. How long have you had your company?
I have been in the epoxy business for a year and a half now. I took the XPS training not knowing anything about it, on Halloween about a year and a half ago.

2. Did you have any major roadblocks when growing, and if so, what did you do to overcome them?
Not really, everything has been going pretty well... I wouldn’t call anything a roadblock. Beyond getting bubbles and stuff in the beginning, and then after many hours on the phone bothering Rebecca, my sales rep, I got through it and learned how to not make bubbles happen anymore. 

3. Do you have any tips for those starting out in the industry?
I would tell someone new to stick to flakes for the first 10 jobs, and then ease your way into metallics. 

4. What was a pivotal moment in your career if any?
Honestly, I’ve been pretty booked solid, fresh out of school… so it kind of took off like a rocket ship, off the bat. I think once I really started understanding how to get good with the metallics is when people really started noticing my work and sharing me on social media. I had a big network of friends and colleagues, and that helped to propel me, too. They already knew my work ethic and trusted me there, so that really helped. Just staying consistent. The branding of myself, having a bright, eye-catching logo, t-shirts, the vehicles wrapped, everywhere I go I’m selling floors. My shirts alone sell the floors! Always brand and always market yourself, it’s not just about running an ad, but about being the brand, talking about your business. 2 weeks ago I was in a hotel, and their floors were pretty messed up. So I told them I did floors and they wanted my card, I ended up doing an estimate for them on the spot, while I was supposed to be on vacation, haha.

 5. What is your favorite type of floor to install, and why?
My favorite type of floor to install… probably metallic. I love the greys and whites. I think it looks amazing and it mesmerizes me every time, so I love to continue doing them. People get really excited about those and can see how good of a job I’ve done which makes me feel like I’ve done something to be proud of.

P.S: I am hiring for installers right now, and I have a training program where I give on-the-job training to anyone who is already certified but may be too scared to go out on their own. We help equip you and prepare you to close jobs and install floors the right way.

Rudy's Website

Rudy's trailer wrap, complete with a logo designed by Epoxy Network Huge Fitness Center