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Posted 09/06/2019 in About Epoxy

Metallic & Glitter Epoxy Benefits

Metallic & Glitter Epoxy Benefits

What Is Metallic Epoxy?

 Metallic epoxy coatings offer a finished beauty that is nearly unparalleled by any other material. Every finished surface looks different from any other. It’s a sure way to get a complete custom look to whatever surface you decide to coat. It can be used indoors and outdoors with equal success, as long as you remember to add a layer of protective polyurethane to block UV light when using outside. Metallic epoxy is a coating created by the mixture of epoxy resin and a metallic powder or pigment that contains the chosen metal type for your project. The particles of metal are tiny but give a warm, metallic glow when mixed into the epoxy. The epoxy resin will stay fairly clear as it ages, allowing the full brilliance of the metallic glint to greet the eyes. A color pigment can also be added to enhance the look of the finished surface. Swirls and designs can be created that give it a customized look that is different each time. It can create a dramatic, designer look to any surface.

Where is Metallic epoxy used?

Metallic epoxy applications are perfect for any area you want to revamp or for new flooring. People will be mesmerized by the luster of the surface. You can fully customize the look by use of metal type and the accompanying color pigment.

You can find metallic epoxy coating the surface of areas like:

  • Countertops

  • Entryways

  • Garage floors

  • Kitchen and dining floors

  • Patio floors

  • Picture or mirror frames

  • Restaurant floors

  • Showrooms

  • Tables, or any other flat surface

Using Metallic Epoxy

Metallic epoxy is perfect to install in areas and on items you want to have high visibility, such as those mentioned in the bulleted list above. It will completely captivate anyone and everyone who sees it. The surface is resistant to water and is resilient to most chemicals. Cleaning is simple. It requires nothing more than a mild soap and clear water.The tough surface makes it a perfect choice for coating the garage floor. The grease and automotive fluids will not stain or eat through the epoxy surface. You will have a garage floor that lasts for years without any hassles.

Safety of Metallic Epoxy

The hardener with epoxy resin can be irritating to the skin. You should always wear gloves and long sleeves if you are installing the metallic epoxy surface yourself. It’s especially true if you have highly sensitive skin and allergies. A face mask and goggles are also recommended, due to the fine dust kicked up when using the metallic powder. You don’t want to end up breathing particles in or getting it in your eyes. Once the epoxy resin hardens, it is completely safe. You no longer have to worry about irritants or dust.

Metallic Epoxy FAQs

1. Can I use more than one type of metallic powder?

Yes, you can use more than one per project.

2. How long will a metallic epoxy surface last?

A metallic epoxy surface will harden and last for years. Floors have been known to last 25 to 30 years, without showing any signs of wear.

3. Can a metallic epoxy floor handle heavy foot traffic?

The hardened quality of metallic epoxy is second only to natural stone in durability and lasting power. It can handle heavy foot traffic with ease.

Glitter Epoxy

What is Glitter Epoxy?

Adding a little sparkle to your life is as easy as using glitter epoxy resin. It’s the perfect solution for creating a room that has real pizzazz or adding the perfect finishing touch to your holiday gifts. You can give your friends and family gifts that will truly be remembered. Unlike glitter glue, the epoxy resin will grip the glitter and encase it within the hardened material. You will not experience the unpleasantness of glitter rubbing off on everything. It will be as glittery next week as it is today. Glitter epoxy is created by mixing a powder, crystal, or flake form of glitter material into epoxy resin. Unlike the subtle metallic sheen of metallic epoxy, glitter epoxy makes a real statement of shine and glitz. It can make your little girl feel like a real princess to have her floor transformed into a shiny surface fit for a castle.

Glitter epoxy is the perfect crafting material to add shimmer to all of your epoxy projects. It works as a surface coating or laminate product. You will have a lasting result that comes in a rainbow of colors. Feel free to experiment to bring out the interior designer in you. Nothing is off limits when it comes to adding your personal touch.

Where Is Glitter Epoxy Used?

Glitter epoxy application is more commonly found on decorative items, jewelry, table tops, and shelving surfaces. It can enhance any epoxy project and is great for decorative furniture and accessories, and it’s a real favorite with kids.

You will find glitter epoxy resin goes well on surfaces like:

  • Children’s furniture
    Picture frames
    Wooden stools or chairs
    Coffee tables
    Counter tops
    Closet floors, and more

Glitter epoxy resin can be used in a playful manner to transform the rooms of your children or can even add a tasteful decorative touch to furniture in your household. All surfaces coated with glitter epoxy will be safe from moisture damage and have an added hardened outer coating for protection.

Small rooms can feel much bigger by adding a glitter epoxy floor surface. Add a touch of glamor to an entryway, dining room floor, or covered patio. You can choose from a variety of colors, including gold and silver. It’s one of the more unique project materials available using epoxy resin.

Glitter Epoxy FAQs
1. Will the glitter in glitter epoxy fade or come off?
The glitter is deeply mixed into the epoxy resin and is contained within the hardened surface. The glitter will remain in the epoxy as long as the surface remains intact.

2. Is the glitter safe for children and pets?
You should keep children and pets away from the area and products you are going to coat with this epoxy until the powder, crystals, or flakes are added and mixed well. The surface is completely safe once hardened.

3. How long does glitter epoxy last?
Glitter epoxy is designed to last for years. Items will remain in great condition for decades if kept out of inclement weather.

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