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Posted 02/10/2019 in Why Use Epoxy

Top 5 Reasons To Coat Your Floors With Epoxy

Top 5 Reasons To Coat Your Floors With Epoxy

Everyone wants a floor that is beautiful, easy to maintain, and easy to install. Epoxy coating for floors can help you achieve all of those goals.

Here are the top five reasons you should coat floors with epoxy.

1. Durability of Epoxy

Epoxy is highly durable. Unlike many floor coatings, epoxy bonds to the surface it is put on. It soaks into the pores and creates an unbreakable bond. It also is hard to scratch or dent, so it maintains its new looks for a long time.

2. Added Protection

Epoxy for floors offers superior protection to your flooring. Epoxy is non-porous, so will not soak in any spills as other floor coatings do. This means your wood, concrete, or another surface will be protected. Furthermore, it can handle high amounts of foot traffic and heavy objects with no issue.


3. Easy Installation 

Epoxy is easy to apply. Many people even make it a DIY project. With some simple cleaning and floor preparation, epoxy can then be rolled on or poured on to cover the floor. It does require a longer dry time than some other floor coatings, but the results and durability are worth it.

4. Ease of Cleaning

Epoxy is very easy to use after installation. Because it does not soak in spills, it can easily be swept or mopped. It can even be vacuumed to maintain cleanliness. In the unlikely event that a scratch happens, it is simple to buff it out and get your floor looking good as new. Also, it reduces floor maintenance over time, since you can go for years without needing to refinish your floor.

5. Aesthetics

One of the greatest things about epoxy is the aesthetics it offers. Epoxy is available in many colors, so you can find a color to match your decor. You can also do a clear coat that offers a glossy sheen that is beautiful. You can also create floors that look like marble or stone using simple additives in epoxy.  Epoxy coating for floors also allows you to do some unique inlays such as pennies or wood ends. This truly allows you to create a fully customized floor.

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