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Posted 01/02/2020 in Why Use Epoxy

Why Choose Epoxy for Countertops in Your Bathroom

Why Choose Epoxy for Countertops in Your Bathroom

Whether you like your bathroom to look like a luxurious spa or you just want a utilitarian space to get the job done, you need countertops that are attractive, functional and that last for years to come. A lot of people put the cheaply made countertops in, and once they are exposed to water regularly, they begin to deteriorate. This causes you to have to redo your bathroom countertops more often. 

Fortunately, epoxy is an affordable and viable choice for your bathroom countertops. With epoxy, you can create a countertop that matches your decor, is easy to keep clean, and lasts for many years.

Here is why you should choose epoxy for the countertops in your bathroom.

Epoxy is made to withstand just about anything.

Constant water, toothpaste, and various makeup and skincare products landing on epoxy do not have a negative effect on the finish. Epoxy withstands all of this because when it cures, it chemically bonds with the surface it is put on. It’s also non-porous, so liquids do not penetrate it. While this is a huge benefit in any bathroom, this is especially useful if you have kids, since they are notorious for leaving messy bathroom countertops!

You can keep your bathroom more sanitary.

Another wonderful benefit of epoxy countertops being non-porous is that they do not absorb any of the bacteria and germs that are floating around bathrooms. These germs and bacteria cannot get into the epoxy surface. You can easily sanitize your bathroom whenever you clean and not worry about what your counters are harboring that might make you or your family ill. 

You get luxury without the high price tag.

We all have seen luxurious bathrooms that have marble or granite countertops in them. While these bathrooms are gorgeous, marble and granite are very costly to purchase and install. Epoxy can be used to create a surface that looks just like marble and granite but at a much lower cost. You can also create countertops that are glittery, have unique objects embedded in them, or have a ton of other unique ideas. 

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