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Why Hire a Contractor for Epoxy Floors

Why Hire a Contractor for Epoxy Floors

While some people are hardcore DIYers and have a seemingly abundant amount of tools to grab for any project, most of us are not. When it comes to redoing epoxy floors, hiring a contractor is something you really need to consider. An epoxy flooring contractor can ensure you get the perfect look.

Professionals Have Expertise in Epoxy

There are two key factors for installing epoxy correctly. First, you need the right product for the job. Second, you need to follow the instructions for proper mixing, or it will not cure properly. Contractors that specialize in epoxy have the expertise to choose the right product for your project, as well as to achieve the look you want. They also have experience with properly mixing the product, so you know the job will get done right.

They are Knowledgeable in Preparing Floors For Epoxy Use

There are different types of preparation needed for different flooring types. The steps you would take with a hardwood floor are different than those you would take with a concrete surface. A contractor knows how to properly sand your hardwood surface and how to perform any necessary repairs on a concrete surface. Since the prep work is so important, it must be done correctly in order to ensure that the epoxy installation goes smoothly and looks great when they are finished.

They Have the Right Equipment

There is a lot of large equipment needed to properly prepare and install epoxy. Large sanders are needed to prepare the wood flooring. Concrete needs to be acidly etched before installing epoxy over it. Contractors have this equipment on hand and are knowledgeable on how to properly use it to create an amazing epoxy floor finish.

They Know When to Install

Inclement weather can cause epoxy not to cure properly. Also, some types need sun or heat to properly cure. Your epoxy flooring contractor will know when to install so that it will cure properly and the finished product will look right. They also will know what type of heat is necessary for the epoxy they are using.

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