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Posted 09/30/2019 in Why Use Epoxy

5 Epoxy Design Ideas for Your Salon's Front Desk

5 Epoxy Design Ideas for Your Salon's Front Desk

A salon experience is something many people look forward to. They get to be pampered and unwind from the stresses of their daily life. If you own a salon, you know the importance of setting the tone as soon as your customer walks through the door. You likely have lots of plants, have considered the color scheme you use, and may even have water elements for that added element of relaxation. Your front desk is just as important for setting the mood in your salon since this is the first spot people come to in order to check in.

Here are 5 epoxy design ideas you can use to create an amazing front desk for your salon.

1. Faux Marble or Granite

Marble and granite both give clean and sophisticated looks to any desktop. They come in many colors and show that you care to purchase the best for your salon. They are also super expensive. You can get the look of marble or granite at a fraction of the cost using epoxy. 

2. Wood

If you want to create a more natural look, wood is an excellent choice. Instead of using a stain on the wood, you can use epoxy. Using epoxy to seal the wood is ideal because epoxy is so durable and long-lasting. It gives the wood a wonderful sheen and brings out the wood's natural beauty.

3. Metallic

Metallic additives for epoxy create a unique look that is simply stunning. You can use some contrasting colors and give your front desk a real glimmer. This also adds a dimensional look to your desktop.

4. Solid Color

If you want a more modern look with solid white or black, epoxy can do that too. Use solid colored epoxy to create a modern look and also have a front desk that will last for years.

5. 3D Epoxy

You can use 3D epoxy to put a cool image on top of your front desk. Make it look like the bottom of the ocean or the middle of the jungle. Using 3D epoxy, you can create a front desk that blends seamlessly into the decorative theme you have in your salon.

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