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Posted 08/23/2019 in Why Use Epoxy

Bathroom Reno: 5 Epoxy Floor Design Ideas

Bathroom Reno: 5 Epoxy Floor Design Ideas

Bathroom flooring needs to be able to stand up top of anything. It regularly gets wet and dirty, so it needs to be able to be easily sanitized. Not only do you need your bathroom flooring choice to be highly durable and functional, but you also want it to be attractive and look good in your home. If you are getting ready to do a renovation on your bathroom, you are probably trying to decide what you want to do with your flooring. 

Instead of using cheap linoleum or predictable tile, here are 5 great design ideas for epoxy bathroom floors.

Solid Color Epoxy

If you want a simple but durable floor, you can go with a solid color epoxy. This will give your floor longevity and is super simple to install. This is ideal for a DIYer that wants the benefits of epoxy, but also wants to be able to easily install it themselves.

Faux Stone

There are several faux stone looks you can create. You can do a floor that looks like granite or marble using epoxy, at a fraction of the cost. You can even choose what combination of colors you want your faux stone floor to have, so it is completely customizable and has the durability that you want.

3D Epoxy

3D epoxy is a super fun choice. You can create a bathroom floor that looks like waves in the ocean, has sharks in it, or even looks like you are about to fall into an abyss. 3D epoxy makes you feel like you are really stepping into whatever scene you have chosen for the floor.


With epoxy, you can have a sparkly bathroom floor using glitter. There are different sizes and colors of glitter flakes, all of which create different looks. With this epoxy option, you can really make your bathroom floor shine.


Epoxy can have metallic additives added to it that make your floor have some unique shading. Metallic additives create an awesome textured look. You pick a shade of metallic additive that compliments the color of the epoxy you are using to get some amazing results.

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