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Posted 09/30/2019 in Why Use Epoxy

Can Epoxy Be Used Outside?

Can Epoxy Be Used Outside?

An epoxy is a popular option for flooring, garages, countertops, and many other home improvement projects. It is a favorite because it is so durable and long-lasting. It chemically bonds with the surface it is on and also cures super hard, making it last for many years with minimal maintenance. These properties that make epoxy last for so long can also benefit you for outdoor projects. Epoxy can be used outside, but there are some extra steps you need to take because exposure to sunlight causes the epoxy to yellow over time.

Here is how you can use epoxy outdoors.

Purchase Specialized Epoxy

There are epoxies made for specific projects that already have protections in them for UV rays. For instance, ArmorPoxy makes a product that is great for coating pool decks and another that is for coating wood decks and stairs. Both are made to withstand the sun’s UV rays and not yellow over time. By purchasing a specialized epoxy for your outdoor project, you can prevent issues with yellowing down the road.


Apply an Additive

There are additives to protect against UV rays. These UV inhibitors slow the sun’s effect on epoxy, as they absorb the UV rays. This is still a temporary fix, but it can improve the longevity of your epoxy’s look.


Pick a Darker Color

If you would prefer to just use regular epoxy with no UV additives, then you can prevent yellowing from being noticeable by picking a color that will hide it. You could pick darker colors that would not show yellowing. You could also pick yellow-based colors, such as green or orange. These colors might change slightly as the epoxy yellows, but they will still look great through the years.


Add a Top Coat of Polyurethane

Another option for protecting epoxy from issues with yellowing is to give it a protective coat. You can add a top coat of polyurethane to your epoxied surface. The polyurethane will help to reduce the effect of the sun’s rays on epoxy. Sun can still go through the polyurethane and cause the epoxy to yellow, but it takes much longer. It is ideal to use this method in conjunction with a UV inhibitor in the epoxy.

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