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Posted 02/19/2019 in Why Use Epoxy

Why Use Epoxy for Doctor Office Flooring

Why Use Epoxy for Doctor Office Flooring

Finding good flooring for your professional office is essential. While you may have considered tile, hardwood, or another kind of flooring, epoxy is the way to go. You need a floor that will look great, handle traffic, and also be easy to clean and sanitize. An epoxy finish on your floor will achieve all of these needs. You will have excellent-looking flooring for years to come.

Here are some great reasons to use epoxy on your doctor’s office floors:

Epoxy Is Aesthetically Pleasing

Epoxy gives you a wide amount of options for creating an aesthetically pleasing floor. You can choose to use it as a topcoat over other flooring options, or use it to create a faux stone floor. You can create custom inlays, such as your office logo. Also, you can embed objects as well. Epoxy has many color options too. All in all, you can use epoxy to achieve almost any look you can think of, making it one of the most versatile floorings finishes out there.

Epoxy Is Highly Durable

Epoxy is very durable. It cures incredibly hard. It completely bonds with whatever surface you are putting it on, making it almost indestructible. Epoxy is made to withstand high amounts of traffic. It also can handle large amounts of weight without issue, such as heavy medical equipment, with ease.

Epoxy Is Easy to Keep Clean and Sanitary

A doctor’s office must be kept sanitary since it has so many people in and out, many of whom may be sick and spreading germs. This is where epoxy really stands out. Epoxy is non-porous. This means that it does not absorb spills or create a place for bacteria to flourish. It can be easily cleaned with soap and water, or bleach if needed. This makes epoxy-coated flooring very easy to keep sanitary, and ideal for a doctor’s office floor.

For the most part, epoxy flooring can be maintained with minimal sweeping and mopping. Should a scratch happen, or wear begin to show, epoxy is easy to spruce up. Either a clear coat can be added, or the floor can be waxed to achieve a shine again. Either way, it is easy to keep your floor looking new with epoxy.

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