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Posted 01/19/2020 in Why Use Epoxy

6 Unique Epoxy Applications That Make It Perfect for You

6 Unique Epoxy Applications That Make It Perfect for You

Epoxy is an extremely versatile substance. It has various different applications, and it exists in a range of consumer products. One reason for this is that it has a high resistance to heat, electricity, and many chemicals. Thus, it stays in good condition even in the worst of conditions.

If you’re wondering how you can make use of this versatile product, here are just 6 unique epoxy applications that make it one of the most commonly used plastics today.

1. Paint Durability

Epoxy is used in making paints last longer. Epoxy paints use two liquids: epoxy resin and hardener. The combination of these two liquids makes epoxy paint a lot more durable than regular paints. Therefore, they are great for painting the exterior of a home, a patio, or a garage. They are great for painting any surface that is exposed to the environment outdoors because they are more resistant to harsh conditions than regular paints are.

2. Insulation in Electronics

Epoxy is commonly used in making transistors, hybrid circuits, and integrated circuits. This is because it is an excellent insulator of electricity and heat. Therefore, there’s a much lower chance of short-circuiting or overheating within the electrical components. Also, epoxy protects the components from moisture and dust.

3. Adhesives

A common epoxy application is that it’s used to make high-quality and strong adhesives like acrylic and polyurethane. These adhesives are used in the production of large products like automobiles, boats, and aircraft because the strength of their bonding is much higher than that of other adhesives.

Epoxy adhesives are very versatile – they can stick to steel, wood, plastic, glass, stone, and metal. Therefore, they are also used in making golf clubs, snowboards, and bicycles. They have high resistance to heat and most chemicals; thus, the strength of the adhesive’s bond doesn’t weaken in harsh conditions.

4. Countertops

You can now find beautiful epoxy countertops in the market. They can also be made out of a combination of recycled materials like recycled glass and discarded products with epoxy. This makes your countertop more environmentally friendly (and also more affordable) than those made from marble or granite.

5. Art

Some artists mix craft epoxy with pigments to make different colors. This also makes the art more resistant to moisture and dust. Also, artists add an epoxy coating over their work to increase its durability. Epoxy is also used in making colorful designs in tabletops and other furniture.

6. Industrial Tools

It is easier to make industrials tools out of epoxy instead of metal or wood. That is why molds and fixtures made of epoxy are more commonly used now. In addition to that, industrial tools made from epoxy are cheaper than those made from traditional materials like wood and metal.

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Over the years, the use of epoxy in production has skyrocketed. Its versatility and durability have allowed it to replace various other materials in consumer products. These 6 examples are just a fraction of the many epoxy applications that exist across the world.