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Posted 05/12/2019 in Epoxy Design Ideas

Best Epoxy Flooring for Restaurant Floors

Best Epoxy Flooring for Restaurant Floors

Choosing the right flooring for your restaurant means choosing flooring that is safe, long-lasting, and attractive. Restaurants have unique needs for each area of the space. Epoxy flooring can meet every need you have and provides a low-maintenance flooring you can customize to your needs. You will have different flooring needs for your kitchen, bathrooms, bar area, and dining areas. Let’s look at the best options for each of these specific areas.

Epoxy for Kitchen Floors

Unless you have an open kitchen plan that customers can see, your kitchen flooring can be completely utilitarian in design. It needs to be stain-resistant, slip-resistant, and easy to clean. Seamless flooring is also ideal, as it prevents bacteria buildup. An extra scratch-resistant coating also will help fight against issues with bacteria. For your kitchen, the Purdue High Build System is ideal.

Epoxy for Bathrooms

You will want your bathroom flooring to be attractive, but to also have the same seamlessness and slip resistance as your kitchen flooring. Bathrooms are another area prone to bacteria growth. They also need to be easy to clean up. Like the kitchen, the Purdue High Build System is the way to go for your bathroom area.

Epoxy for Bar Area

Your bar area has to be able to deal with spills such as alcohol, coffee, and citrus. These abrasive liquids can take their toll on any floor. Also, the surface needs to be slip-resistant and stain-resistant. Finally, you want to be able to easily clean up the area at the end of the night. A seamless floor is ideal and can be created using the Purdue High Build System.

Epoxy for Dining Area

Your dining area needs to be aesthetically pleasing, in addition to being easy to clean and safe for customers to walk on. Epoxy comes in many colors, and you can even have awesome designs created using epoxy to make your dining room unique to your restaurant. Your dining area also needs to be able to handle a large amount of traffic every day. The Purdue Traffic System is ideal for a high traffic area, and it also is slip-resistant and resistant to staining and spills.

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