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Posted 01/20/2020 in About Epoxy

Epoxy Flooring Styles: Quartz andFlake

Epoxy Flooring Styles: Quartz andFlake

Quartz Broadcast Epoxy

The look and feel of a quartz broadcast epoxy surface are both smooth and textured at the same time. The rocky feel of the quartz pieces is tempered by the smooth addition of epoxy resin. The result is a floor that has grip and lasting power. It’s the solution for floors you need with rugged durability and non-slip surfacing. Quartz broadcast epoxy is a surface coating that has the quartz material spread over the newly poured epoxy resin rather than mixing and troweling. The difference is a more noticeable separation of colors in the quartz mix and a slightly rougher finished surface. The quartz can be found in many color mixes, but it’s generally a two-tone result. Brown will contain lighter brown and beige. Blue will result in lighter tones of blue and white.

Quartz broadcast epoxy combines the best of engineered products and natural stone. The new surface is ready for heavy use. It’s perfect for both commercial and residential installation. You pick the heavy-duty project, and the quartz broadcast epoxy will hold up for years.

Where is Quartz Broadcast Epoxy Used?

The use of quartz broadcast epoxy is the right choice for floors that will see a major amount of foot traffic or have equipment rolling over the surface frequently. It’s also a nice surface to add for areas that will be frequently wet for slip and skid control. The rougher surface of the broadcast method allows for a firmer grip, even if you are barefoot.

A few of the common applications are:

  • Cafeteria floors

  • Hospitals

  • Clinics

  • Schools

  • Indoor swimming pool changing areas

  • Showers

  • Common kitchens

  • Restaurants

  • Grocery and retail stores

  • Laboratories, and more

Quartz broadcast epoxy is best suited for floors or counters that you depend on to take a real beating and stay in great condition, such as warehouse areas that require the use of carts and receive heavy items delivered on a regular basis. The quartz epoxy mixture will hold up to years of heavy-duty use and abuse.

Other areas that see frequent spills of fluids and water can become a hazardous location for possible slip-and-fall injuries. Automotive repair shops, retail shopping floors, showroom floors, and other commercial locations will benefit greatly from a flooring material that provides consistent grip in all conditions.

Quartz Broadcast Epoxy FAQ’s

1. Can quartz broadcast epoxy be installed outdoors?

You can use quartz broadcast epoxy for patio flooring, pool decks, cat walks & tabletop surfaces. You need to add a top coat of UV protectant polyurethane to guard against UV ray damage when using it outdoors, especially if it will not be used in a shaded area.

2. Will quartz broadcast epoxy crack like stone tile?

Quartz broadcast epoxy is more durable than typical stone tile. The hardened epoxy acts as a buffer against many types of impact and pressure that can crack typical stone.

3. Is quartz broadcast epoxy easy to clean?

Quartz broadcast epoxy resin flooring and counters are as easy to clean as any other epoxy surface. Mild soap and water work great to keep them sparkling clean.

Flake Broadcast Epoxy

There are different types of flake that can be used for your floor. This is where either vinyl or metal flakes are broadcasted onto a base coat. First we will look at vinyl flake epoxy, and then metal flake epoxy.

Vinyl Flake Epoxy

Bring out your creative side with the use of vinyl flake epoxy resin. You no longer have to settle for bland and standard when it comes to design styles for businesses and the home. The uses are almost endless. You can use the flakes for surfaces or add them to any of your epoxy resin craft projects. You can find a color combination that will perfectly match your existing decor. It’s easy enough to tackle the project on your own. No special skills are necessary. The vinyl flakes created to add to epoxy resin are made of small chips, flakes, or flecks of colored vinyl. You purchase them by the weight needed to give you the amount of coverage desired. You can go light, medium, heavy, or full. The lighter the amount used, the more important the color underneath your surface will be. The heavier the flakes, the less visible the color will be. The colored vinyl flake will become a solid part of the epoxy resin. The look is fun, custom, and extremely colorful.

Where is Vinyl Flake Broadcast Epoxy Used?

 The surfaces that can benefit from vinyl flake epoxy application are extraordinary. It’s one of the more flexible products to use for multiple surfaces. It’s simple to add that special splash of colors you want to really bring out the beauty of your environment.

A few great projects to consider are:

  • Upgrade your flooring

  • Countertops

  • Kitchen islands

  • Bathroom floors

  • Garage floors

  • Basement floors

  • Commercial flooring

  • Colorful wall panels

  • Table tops

  • Desktops

  • Children’s furniture

  • Home decor pieces

  • Jewelry, and more

    Design Ideas for Vinyl Flake Epoxy

Here are a few great design ideas for vinyl flake epoxy:

  • Create a fun living room setting by adding vinyl flake epoxy to the surface of a brightly colored coffee table and/or end tables. Add color-matching fluffy pillows to your couch for a cozy relaxation space.

  • Most popular, on your garage floor, creating a durable and stylish finish.

  • Add complimentary color combination vinyl flake epoxy coating to a plain white framed canvas. Hang them up in visible spots for creative decorative wall art.

  • Coat the surface of kid chairs and table for a fun space to eat or play.

  • Cover the laundry room floor with vinyl flake epoxy resin for a burst of color.

    Vinyl Flake Epoxy FAQ’S

1. Is vinyl flake epoxy safe for a kid’s room?

As with any type of epoxy resin, once the product has hardened it is a safe surface to use. Use goggles and a mask to keep from getting the product in your eyes and/or respiratory system while working with the supplies. Always wear latex gloves.

2. Can I use vinyl flake epoxy outdoors?

Yes, vinyl flake epoxy can be used for outdoor surfaces, but you need to add a coating of polyurethane to protect the surface from UV ray damage.

3. Is vinyl flake epoxy smooth?

Yes, the finished and hardened surface of vinyl flake epoxy is smooth unless you have opted for the full color. It might seem a little rough if you add the maximum number of flakes. It will still feel comfortable to walk on with bare feet. Will also be slip resistant with a co-efficiency of friction between .050 and .080.

Metal Flake Broadcast Epoxy

Get the look of granite or simply add a touch of elegance to any room with the use of metal flake epoxy resin. You can use real mineral flakes that offer brilliant shine and translucent beauty to transform your living space into something spectacular. You can add an epoxy floor that is as durable as it is contemporary in looks. It’s an extra touch you can do during a remodel that makes the difference in final results. Expand your design horizons with both commercial and residential properties. Metal flakes for epoxy are translucent small, thin flakes of mineral compounds that are naturally formed. When added to epoxy resin, it can create the appearance of natural stone with added shimmer and shine. It’s a product that will stand up to the test of time. The beauty from day one will remain for the lifetime of the floor.

As with any type of flake aggregate added to epoxy, you need to determine how much you need to cover the area to be coated. It will depend on the level of metal coloration you want on your finished surface. Always purchase more than what you feel you need to make sure you have enough. You will not have time to run out and get more once you start the project.

    Where is Metal Flake Broadcast Used?

Metal flake epoxy application is a great idea for many types of surfaces and hobby crafts. A few of the areas you can use this type of surface coating are:

  • Car showing

  • Office space

  • Retail space

  • Garages on man caves

  • Foyer and entryways

  • Den or family room floors

  • Kitchen or bathroom counters

  • Outdoor living space surfaces

  • Florida room or sunroom flooring

How to Use Metal Flakes in Epoxy

The method of applying the metal flake aggregate to epoxy resin will determine the overall results. You can closely mimic the look of marble or granite in the way you add the flakes. Granite will have deeper, more splotchy coverage. You will add the flakes heavily in some areas and lighter in others. Marble has more defined lines of color. All you have to do is add the metal flakes in jagged lines that replicate the design of marble.You can create an overall luster by spreading the coverage out to the entire surface. Every surface you cover will have a custom look. The bright shine of the metal flakes will look amazing whether it’s night or day.

Design Ideas for Metal Flake Epoxy
 Here are a few design ideas for metal flake epoxy:

  • Coat an ornate frame and place a mirror inside. Hang it in a visible spot for a truly elegant look.

  • Coat the master bathroom floor and counters in matching metal flake epoxy color.

  • Create a cover for your fireplace mantle out of a pre measured board and coat the surface with the metal flake epoxy.

  • Cover the shelves in your den or kitchen with the epoxy for a stylish look.

Metal Flake Epoxy FAQs

1. Does metal flake epoxy resin require color pigment?
You do not have to add any color pigment to the metal flake epoxy. You can add a bottom coat of paint that will serve as a base color.

2. Will metal flake epoxy crack or peel?
Metal flake epoxy is a product that will last for many years without any fear of cracking or serious damage. The epoxy hardens quickly and stays together without peeling or chaffing.

3. Will there be any sharp metal flakes sticking out of the surface of the resin?

The mineral flakes used are so small and thin that there is no danger of scratches or cuts. The flakes will generally be absorbed into the epoxy unless you super pack the surface. If that is the case apply a new top coat.

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