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Posted 09/30/2019 in About Epoxy

How to Safely Clean Your Epoxy Floors

How to Safely Clean Your Epoxy Floors

One of the greatest aspects of epoxy flooring is how easy it is to maintain. There is no grout that has to be scrubbed, so it does not get stained. There is no need to use a specialized cleaner like with a wood floor, and no need for constant vacuuming and cleaning like carpet. Instead, epoxy is super easy to clean and maintain with some simple tips.

Here is how you can safely clean your epoxy floors.

Spot Cleaning Epoxy

Spot cleaning is one of the most important aspects of epoxy floor maintenance. It is often unnecessary to clean the entire floor, but you want it to be free of grit that can scratch the surface. If a small area has gotten dirt, you can simply sweep or vacuum that area. You can also spot mop as needed to keep the floor clean. It is also important to spot clean when there is a spill, even if it’s very small, and especially if it’s something like gasoline that can erode the epoxy. Simply use towels or paper towels to wipe up the spill, and then mop over it with hot water.


Sweeping the Floor

A soft-bristled broom or a dust mop is both ideals for sweeping an epoxy floor. What you should use depends on the size of the floor and your personal preference. You can lightly go over the floor to remove grit and debris. Occasionally, vacuuming can be helpful for maintaining your floor’s appearance as well. Keeping grit off the floor is very important. While epoxy is very durable, repeated exposure to grit being ground into it will eventually affect its finish. 


Use the Right Cleaner

Using the right floor cleaner is very important. You want to use cleaners that are not soap-based, as soap scum can build up on the epoxy finish and dull it. You also want to pick a cleaner that is not lemon-based, nor abrasive like bleach. Something like Simple Green is ideal to use. Most of the time, just using hot water and a mop is plenty to get the job done though, so only use a cleaning agent for tougher jobs.


Deep Cleaning

While some spot cleaning and light sweeping go far in keeping your epoxy floor looking great, occasionally the entire floor needs to be deep cleaned, whether you have installed metallic epoxy, vinyl flake epoxy, or any other type. Sweep and/or vacuum the whole floor, and then mop it with warm water and your cleaner of choice.

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